Contact Bobby Gillespie at

(813) 476 5787

This program is ONLY for residents of Live Oak Preserve. Suitable for kids from Grade 1+.

There are 2 ways to join our tennis program

1. Space within existing groups
If your child has tennis clinic / lesson experience, there is a chance that we may be able to slot them into an existing group. If this is the case, we will likely need to do a quick assessment to determine the best path.

2. If they are new to tennis they will need to go into one of our new groups. These are started from time to time and are based on new player interest and court time availability.

For either option, please complete the following Registration Form and email to

live oak preserve tennis program

How our clinics operate

Clinics take place year round and generally take place between Monday and Thursday at the courts at Live Oak.

Players are allocated a day and time based on their level of ability. Players generally play once per week and depending on age / ability, clinics are either 30, 45 or 60 mins in duration.

Our groups consist of between 3-6 kids. This ensure quality time is spent with each child.


There is a one off Registration Fee of $30 ($15 for siblings). This includes a BG Tennis t-shirt.

Players are initially invoiced and when paying will store the card that they wish to use for charging within the secure Square Payment Processing system.

Players are charged a simple monthly fee. Clinics are charged on the 1st day of the month. Rain outs are credited the following month but there are no credits for missed clinics or illness.

During holiday periods like Summer Break, Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Winter Break clinics are offered. However, prior to the month commencing please communicate what days you will be away so that you will not be charged.

Monthly fees are $60 for 45min clinics, $78 for 1 hr clinics and $42 for 30 min clinics

There is a 10% discount for siblings.


This short video captures what low compression ball tennis is all about....

Started in the Summer of 2013, we offer clinics for kids who reside in Live Oak Preserve.

We use low compression balls (Red, Orange and Green Dot) as well as regular yellow balls to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Starting as beginners, our young players have worked towards and played in the Hillsborough County Junior Team Tennis League (JTT), which runs during the Fall and Spring.

Other players played in our internal match play events.