spring 2021

We are have re-started!

New kids have entered the program ages 1st grade +. We also have a Ladies Novice Class on Thursday night plus an Advanced Novice Clinic on Tuesday night

Most kids classes take place on Tuesday evening but we have added Thursday.

Kids tennis

Scaled down tennis has REVOLUTIONIZED tennis for kids. The game of a life time is now easier to learn and start full matches.

Using the right sized equipment and fun equipment tennis is now a big hit. See video below...

Estancia Fall 2019.png


Adult tennis

We have adult options too and can offer anything and everything tennis related.


 If you're a someone who is brand new to tennis we can offer beginner lessons (private or group). Perhaps you played years ago and want to dust off the racket and play with your new neighbors. We have both advanced beginner and novice level groups happening right now.

For information and questions, do not hesitate to contact Coach Bobby at 813 476-5787

Estancia Ladies Spring 2021.jpg