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kids programs

At the very heart of all our programs are the kids clinics. Most, if not all kids start as complete beginners and work their way through our progressions to be able to rally and play points at a very young age.

scaled down tennis


Low compression balls and scaled down courts have revolutionized the game of tennis. It is now easier to learn and play the game. See video on right. 

kids  tennis progressions

Red Ball
Orange Ball
Green Dot Ball
High  Performance

Red Ball

36 ft court 

age 6 - 8yrs

Orange Ball

60 ft court

age 7 -11 yrs

Green Dot

78 ft court

age 10 yrs +

Yellow Ball

78 ft court

age 11 yrs +

Red 1 - Entry Level

Red 2 - Novice

Red 3 - Adv Novice

Orange 1 - Entry Level

Orange 2 - Novice

Orange 3 - Adv Novice

Orange 4 - Interm

Green Dot 1 - Entry Level

Green Dot 2 - Interm

Green Dot 3 - Advanced

Yellow 1 - Novice

Yellow 2 - Interm

Yellow 3 - Advanced

Registration Form 


Every players needs to complete a Registration Form. Either email back or give to your Coach.

Click link on below.

Match Play

Junior Match Play Feb 2019.png
Neha 3.png

During the year we run different Match Play events. These are part of the learning experience and an important part of our program.

For our young kids, we simplify how we start points in order to make match play for accessible for them. We also simplify the scoring system too.

In addition to this we run Match Play events for Green Dot ball and Yellow Ball plus Adults too.

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