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At the very heart of all our programs are the kids clinics. Most, if not all kids start as complete beginners and work their way through our progressions to be able to rally and play points at a very young age.

Scaled Down Tennis

Low compression balls and scaled down courts have revolutionized the game of tennis. It is now easier to learn and play the game. See video on right. 

how our kids program runs


Learning via group clinics is by far the best way to run a program. It provides excellent value vs just doing private lessons, plus it is far more fun.

We like to keep young kids to a max ratio of 6:1 in all our after school clinics. For Summer Camps this may be higher so that we can provide better value.  

How To Join The Program


There are 2 ways to join our tennis program


1. Space within existing groups

If your child has tennis clinic / lesson experience, there is a chance that we may be able to slot them into an existing group. If this is the case, we will likely need to do a quick assessment to determine the best path.


2. If they are new to tennis they will need to go into one of our new groups. These are started from time to time and are based on new player interest and court time availability.

Registration Form 


Every players needs to complete a Registration Form. Either email back or give to your Coach.

Click link on below.

Match Play

During School Months

During school months all players are allocated a day and time for their clinic. Players generally play once per week and depending on their ability their clinic is either 45 mins or 1 hour.

Players are on a month to month commitment. 

Fees & Charges


During school months players are charged a simple monthly fee in advance.

For 45min once per week clinics this is $65 per month. For 1 hour clinics this is $83 per month and for 1.5hr clinics it is $110.

There is a 10% discount for siblings.

There is also a one-off Registration Fee of $30. This includes a BG Tennis T-shirt.

We use the secure payment services of Square. Players save their chosen card on the payment platform and are charged the monthly fee on the 1st day of the month.

Monthly fees are pro-rated for any rain outs but not for illness or absence.

During School Breaks

School breaks include the Summer break, Spring Break, Winter Break and Thanksgiving.

During the Summer break, tennis continues but we adapt for absence. Our goal is to put groups together, charging based on availability. We propose a day and window of time and ask in advance for any absence.


During other school breaks we do not charge for clinics but may put together a proposal based on interest and coach availability.

During the year we run different Match Play events. These are part of the learning experience and an important part of our program.

For our young kids, we simplify how we start points in order to make match play for accessible for them. We also simplify the scoring system too.

In addition to this we run Match Play events for Green Dot ball and Yellow Ball plus Adults too.


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