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Ball on Tennis Court

Racquet DirectoR service

Would you like your neighborhood to have an experienced Racquets Director to enhance and guide all aspects of your racquets program? This is a win/win and could be at NO COST to your facility. 

BG Tennis offers extensive experience operating all aspects of your racquet's facilities and programs. This includes kids' group lessons; adult programs; specials events; socials and match play.


We also offer extensive facility and maintenance services, including full year-round Har Tru clay court procedures. 

We can also guide neighborhoods on court reservation systems, facility rules and long-term planning and budgeting.

Want to discuss? Contact Bobby Gillespie at or call

(813) 476-5787

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Kids Teaching Program

The Kids Tennis Program is often the heartbeat of the whole program. 

We use the USTA's ROGY format (Red, Orange, Green Dot and Yellow) balls to make learning fun and progressive. This is where we stand out from other Tennis Professionals. 

Using our tried and tested template for learning, we have extensive success growing programs from scratch into big programs that are the envy of the area.

Small groups, affordable rates and great parent communication is also a key to our success.


Adult Programs

A successful tennis program needs plenty of adult options. Private lessons alone are not enough.


This can include Cardio Tennis classes where fitness and tennis are combined. It can include Tennis 101, where adults learn the basics. Tennis 102 takes learning to the next level. 

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court Maintenance

BG Tennis has 15+ years on hands on experience maintaining clay courts. This includes thorough knowledge of all daily, weekly and yearly routines. Experience with all year in, year out routines, for example replacing lines and resurfacing courts.

Can also advise on hard court maintenance and suitable court equipment like water fountains, benches and windscreens.

Kids matchPlay

Hand in hand with a Kids' Tennis program is some form of match play exposure. This is only done when kids are ready and will benefit from it.

BG Tennis has many years of experience running successful match play events. These are crucial or a child's development. For the less experienced kids, we make starting points easier as well as the scoring system. 

Matchplay is also offered for more advanced levels. 

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Tennis Socials bring players and neighbors together. They help in forming long-lasting relationships and provide a way to play against different people. 

Many different formats are possible, and BG Tennis excels at running successful events that involve food, drink and sponsored prizes. 

Restringing rackets

Using a new hi-tech, constant pull, electronic stringing machine, BG Tennis offers stringing services for your residents.

We can string using your strings or have a selection of poly, multi-filament and synthetic gut strings at affordable prices.

We can also offer an exceptionally convenient service (pick and delivery) for a small fee.

Racket Stringing_edited.jpg
Image by Brendan Sapp


The game of Pickleball has exploded in recent years. 

BG Tennis can offer lessons, especially beginner / entry level where players can learn the basic rules and strategy. 

We can also offer socials and match play events for your neighborhood. 

WHY BG Tennis


BSc (Hons) Physical Education, Sports Science. Major in Recreation Management

Playing Experience

National School and National University Champion of Great Britain (1988 - 1992)

Neha 3.png

USPTA Elite Professional (highest teaching rating possible)

Expert in teaching all age groups and all levels

USPTA Pickleball Teaching Certification

Teaching Credentials
Work Experince

Business Manager of UK YMCA for 8 years

Director of Tennis / Racquets since 2008

Started BG Tennis 2008

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